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Car Accident or Personal Injury

If you are injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, please call The Deters Law Office at (859) 363-1900. You can also text investigator Chuck Holbrook at (859) 653-9394 or office manager and paralegal Eric Deters (859) 250-2527.

Dr. Durrani Cases

The Deters Law Firm represents over 450 former patients of Dr. Atiq Abubakar Durrani against Dr. Durrani and the following hospitals: Children’s Hospital, West Chester, UC Health, Christ Hospital, Good Samaritan, Deaconess, Riverside and Journey Lite. We have also filed lawsuits against Medtronics for BMP-2 and Alphatech Spine for PureGen. We are still accepting cases. Please contact me at or 859.363.1900, 513.729.1999 or 859.250.2527 (my cell phone) also feel free to text me.

Eric Deters
Durrani Case Manager

Dr. Durrani Information

If you believe you have a case or information as a witness against Dr. Durrani, please email,or call us at, 859-250-2527 (Cell) ,859-363-1900 (office) or 513-729-1999.

Deters Law Firm

Charles H. Deters (Ohio, KY)
Stephanie L. Collins (Ohio, KY)
Matthew J. Hammer (Ohio)

Eric C. Deters
Office Manager
Trial Consultant
Marketing Director
Media Relations
Firm Spokesperson

Chuck Holbrook (Investigator)
Amy Plewke (Retired RN)
Maria Dallas (Office Administrator)
Loretta Little (Legal Secretary)
Cheryl Jones (Legal Secretary)
Sarah York (Paralegal)
Alexa Kavanaugh (Paralegal)

Divorce, Domestic, Child Custody, OR Criminal Case

If you need a divorce, have a domestic issue or criminal matter, please call The Deters Law Office at (513) 729-1999. You can also call or text the firm investigator Chuck Holbrook at 859.653.9394.

Although Eric Deters retired as an Ohio attorney and is currently suspended as a Kentucky lawyer, he assists the lawyers in the firm. The Durrani cases are all Ohio cases. This includes:

  • Interviewing clients.
  • Referring clients to lawyers based upon the type of case.
  • Investigating facts.
  • Researching legal issues.
  • Drafting documents for lawyers.
  • Assisting lawyers at depositions.
  • Assisting lawyers at trial.
  • Reading and summarizing depositions and other documents.
  • Taking witness statements.
  • Handling press/media on cases.