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Eric Deters Wrote What Follows Years Ago. Deters Law Follows This Same Philosophy Today. Read This and Ask Yourself – Have You Ever Heard of a Lawyer or Law Firm with This Philosophy?

Why So Many People Ask Eric “The Bulldog” Deters To Represent Them:

A prosecutor the other day asked me my “secret” for having so many clients.  They admitted they were impressed.  I said I shouldn’t tell you my “secret”, but I know no one else will do what I do anyway, so I’ll go ahead and tell you my “secret.”  I want the world to know so you will want to hire me too.  So here is my “secret” which I do not want to be a “secret.”

  1. I give out my phone number and email address to everyone and anyone including on the radio and encourage people to text and email me 24/7/365 with any legal question or case, big or small.  Then, I back it up by responding.  It blows people’s minds.  It requires a commitment on my part and toleration on my wife’s part.  Christmas.  Super Bowl Sunday.  I’m there.  Rapid response.  Not only does no lawyer do this, since I’m an attorney of note, it impresses the hell out of people.  I do the same on all social media sites.
  2. I embraced the Bulldog brand.  How many lawyers have a brand?  I do.  What’s the brand?  The Bulldog will fight for you.  Who wants a lawyer who doesn’t fight for you?  No one.
  3. I don’t worry about being paid on every case or every hour of work.  Build relationships.  I learned this one from my Dad.  He built one of the region’s largest firms.
  4. I have guts.  Is there anything wrong with trying to help someone by “swimming upstream”?  No.
  5. I perform competent and excellent work.  There is no substitute for just doing a damn good job.  I have redoubled my focus on this in 2013 by emphasizing it with my entire staff and all my partners.  I get angriest at myself if I, or we, fall short.
  6. I think outside the box?  No.  I make an entire new box.  I’m blessed with an innate ability to come up with creative and original ideas and plans to help clients.  I learned this from my Dad.
  7. I care.  I just give a damn.  I get sick in the guts when I lose.  I put myself in my client’s shoes.  The law school and bar association preach: “it’s not personal”, “I’m just doing my job”, “don’t get personally involved”, etc.  It’s a bunch of baloney.  Care.  Give a damn.  Personally.
  8. I know for a fact no lawyer outworks me.  It is physically impossible to work longer then I do.
  9. My opponents always underestimate me.  They think I’m just a radio personality with a law license who isn’t serious.  In “Devil’s Advocate”, Al Pacino recommends:  “Never let them see you coming.”  The very brash and national defamation lawyer in “the dirty dot com case”, the day after trial, admitted he got licked.  He never saw it coming.
  10. I use the media, my radio show and my widening social network as the great equalizer against the power I fight.  It helps.  They fear it.  Why do I share?  Makes no difference.  Lawyers I know just don’t have it in them to do what I do.  I’m glad.  More business for me