Burgum touts ‘much closer’ relationship with Trump while stumping for former president in battleground state

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, who is rumored to be one of former President Trump’s top considerations for vice president, touted his and his wife’s relationship with Trump while stumping for him in Michigan on Thursday.

During a tour of West Michigan’s Sobie Meats butcher shop with his wife, North Dakota first lady Kathryn Burgum, the governor addressed speculation that he could be Trump’s choice to serve as vice president should he take back the White House this November.

Asked on Thursday whether he had any updates to provide on the vetting process for vice president, Burgum told reporters: “This will be my only second ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer of probably the last year, but no. … Haven’t heard any updates.”

Though he didn’t have any updates pertaining to Trump’s selection of a running mate, Burgum said he’s “had a lot of discussions” with the former president in recent months.


“It’s been a real honor for Kathryn and I to have spent as much time with the president as we have since we first endorsed him,” he said. “We were the first presidential candidate who dropped out to endorse him. We were there on the stage in Iowa on that historic night. We were there with him in Nevada.”

Burgum said he and his wife are readily available to assist Trump with his campaign, noting that he told the former president, “‘Hey, we’re on call. Call us if you need us, and we’ll go.'”

“So we had a chance to spend quite a bit of time with him, and across that we’ve had a lot of discussions,” he added.

Burgum said he and his wife had gotten to know Trump “in a much closer way” and insisted he is “incredibly hard-working.”

“He thinks about solutions in pure common sense, and he thinks about it in terms of what’s best for America,” he added of Trump. “He is super curious. You go to a fundraiser with him or a roundtable, and he’ll ask questions of everybody that’s there. He’s always sampling, he’s always learning. So I think he’s getting great input and he’s getting input from the American people on these policies.”

Although it is still unclear who Trump will select as his running mate for the upcoming presidential election, which is less than five months away, a report published last week brought into focus the former president and first lady’s relationship with Burgum and his family.


The Puck report highlighted Melania Trump’s relationship with Kathryn and pointed to how Kathryn “worked with Melania on multiple occasions, including on building recovery-friendly workplaces” during Trump’s presidency.

The report also highlighted how the Burgums were invited to the White House to celebrate the signing of the First Step Act criminal justice reform initiative, an issue the outlet said is “particularly important to Kathryn.”

Additionally, the outlet noted how the two couples “bonded” with one another at Mar-a-Lago for an Easter brunch this year.

Burgum has attended numerous rallies and events to offer support for the former president in recent weeks and months, further adding to speculation that he is gunning to serve as Trump’s running mate in the 2024 election.

During his trip to Michigan on Thursday, Burgum spoke favorably of Trump’s ability to communicate with Americans ahead of the June 27 presidential debate.

“There’s never been a better politician, a better debater, a better communicator. I mean, you look at the size of the rallies where people show up to hear President Trump… it’s historic,” he said. “It’s really remarkable the way he can connect with people. And I’m sure he’s going to do that during the debate.”

Burgum, who traveled to New York City to support the former president during his trial last month, also touted Trump’s record on immigration during his visit to the Great Lakes State, saying, “No one’s been stronger on the border.”

Trump’s decision on who he will select as his running mate isn’t expected to be made public until this summer’s Republican National Convention, which is slated to take place in Milwaukee from July 15-18.

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