Civil rights activist unloads on Biden for taking Black vote ‘for granted’: ‘He’s losing support’

FIRST ON FOX: Dr. John Boyd Jr., a fourth-generation farmer and civil rights activist, told Fox News Digital that Democrats have taken the Black vote “for granted” and that voters are concerned about President Biden’s age and fed up with the unraveling situation at the southern border.

From a Black standpoint, many Blacks, including my son, have voted Democrat for a very long time, and it looks like, when we raise issues like this, our votes are being taken for granted,” Boyd told Fox News Digital while discussing his unsuccessful efforts to meet directly with President Biden in the White House to talk about farming issues and debt relief for Black Farmers. 

Recent polls have showed that Biden is losing support from Black voters and the Democrat advantage with that voting group in a recent Gallup poll is the “smallest Gallup has recorded in its polling dating back to 1999.”

“He’s losing support in the Black community because he’s not communicating with the Black community and high turnover and senior level staffers that should be communicating with the Black community. I haven’t had one meeting in the White House, not one meeting in the White House since he’s been president.”


“Totally unheard of, and I’ve been around – and I’ve been meeting with presidents, Republican and Democrat, every president since Jimmy Carter, visited with to talk about issues that are relevant to our national body – and this president has not invited us to the White House as I speak and talk to you today. I haven’t received one, and it’s Black History Month.”

Boyd told Fox News Digital that Black voters, consistent with several national polls, are concerned about the president’s age heading into November.

President Biden’s age is an issue for many Americans, and not just for Black folks, but a lot of people are looking and wondering, can he really govern the country over the next four years if he’s reelected, in the condition that he’s in,” Boyd said. 


Boyd explained that voters of all backgrounds are looking for the Biden administration to do more to secure the southern border.

“The border remains wide open,” Boyd said. “It’s in complete chaos at the border. Here we are letting people who are not U.S. citizens coming into this country, and we’re giving them debit cards and money and putting them up into hotels.”

“And you know, I just described my rich history, both good and bad, my forefathers being slaves here on American soil, brought to the country by force, and here are these people coming into the U.S. who aren’t citizens, and we’re treating them better than U.S. citizens.”

What does that say to the nation’s hardest occupation in history, which is farming?” Boyd asked.

Boyd told Fox News Digital that “if it was up to me” the “border would be closed.”

“We wouldn’t open the borders until after we see what we can do about the chaos that we have on the border,” Boyd said. “If I was president, I would close the border, simple as that, I don’t need an act of Congress to do it.”

The White House previously told Fox News Digital that Boyd was invited to meet with top agricultural officials, including USDA head Tom Vilsack, at a recent event but was not able to attend.

“The president committed to the meeting while we were at the WH for the Fourth of July event 3 yrs ago,” Boyd told Fox News Digital in a statement. “The meeting was Biden’s suggestion. And so far there has NOT been one.”

“I am not interested in meeting with Vilsack. The issues I raised are relevant for a response from Biden. Any lesser political appointee will not suffice,” he continued.

The Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. 

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