Fox News Politics: Spy drama spreads

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What’s happening? 

– House passes FISA authorization…

– Military positions to counter potential Iranian threats…

– Trump prepares for first criminal trial beginning Monday…

The House voted to renew the contentious surveillance tool, without proposed conservative changes to the warrant process, and despite objections from former President Trump.

The FISA reauthorization vote came after a measure to add warrant requirements for U.S. data failed in a tie vote.

However, House Freedom Caucus conservatives and their allies have blocked the bill from heading to the Senate immediately. In the dramatic moments after its passage, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., raised a procedural measure objecting to the final vote count. But multiple House members had already departed the chamber, likely heading to the airport, so another vote could not be taken.

Next, the House must vote on whether to reconsider passage of Section 702 on Monday, shortening the Senate’s timeline to consider the bill before the surveillance authority expires on April 19.

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