$1 Billion Ukraine Aide 40,000 Weapons Vanish | Eric Deters Show | January 12, 2024

$1 Billion Ukraine Aide 40,000 Weapons Vanish | Eric Deters Show | January 12, 2024

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Welcome to the Eric Deters Show – where thought-provoking discussions meet insightful analysis!
In this episode (January 12, 2024), we dive into a range of topics, from national security to celebrity revelations:
* Army/Whites: Unraveling the complexities within the military.
* Strikes Against Houthis & Yemen: Exploring the recent US-UK joint strikes in response to Houthi threats.
* Killing Thousands of Bald Eagles: Environmental concerns and their impact.
* Trump on Epstein: Examining a controversial connection.
* Trump Court: Legal updates on the former president.
* Texas Men Gang Rape: A shocking incident that demands attention.
* $1B Ukraine/40,000 Weapons: Delving into geopolitical intricacies.
* Diddy/Tupac: Celebrity insights and connections.
* Boebert Ex Arrested: Unraveling political and pers

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