39% Of American’s Are Skipping Meals To Pay Mortgage Payments | Eric Deters Show

39% Of American’s Are Skipping Meals To Pay Mortgage Payments | Eric Deters Show

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Thank you for watching Eric Deters Show on the following topics: Arizona Hobbs/$512M Joe Biden War On Electric Power, Macy’s/5.8B, Joe/Hollywood, Hamas/Hostages, Illinois Small Scale Reactors, 39% Americans Ship Meals, Cigna/Humana Off, Trump Trial, Tucker/$72 Year, Santos/Spill Beans, Trump/Tucker, Sheila Jackson Loses Houston Mayor, Alex Jones/X, $472 Tree
Kids Are Not Alright, Musk/Haley, Trump/Giuliani, Casey DeSantis, Ted Turner/Nebraska, Congress Stock Trades , FBI Whistleblowers, Putin/Alaska, Manchin, Liz Magill/UPenn Resigns, Barbados/4.9T, Doomsday/575 Bunkers/$55K Each, Meathead Movers, Soros/Iran, MacKenzie Scott/21B 2023, Bill Maher/Small Town, 199,000 Jobs November, RNC- No More Debates, McCarthy/Trump Cabinet, 45% Real Estate Agents, Hunter Cries, & China/Pearl Harbor
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