Apple iOS 17 Update Issue | Eric Deters Show

Apple iOS 17 Update Issue | Eric Deters Show

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Thank you for watching Eric Deters Show on Hamas Hostage Releases, Hamas/Palestinians, Derek Chavin Shanked, Musk to Israel & Gaza, Palestinian Students In Vermont, 300 Migrants San Diego Airport, Biden’s Apology, iPhone/iOS17 Update, Goetz/New York Young Republicans, Trump Children Mortgages, Realtors Future, Trump/Clemson & S.C. Game, Data Analytical Services/AT&T & Gov., Disney Corporate Understanding LOL, Roger Stone/“C” Word, Celeste Maloy Wins Utah Race, Turkey’s Central Bank/40% Rates, Greyhound Stations, SBF/Fish For Haircut, Boomers $124,000/Millennials $526,000 LOL, Macy’s Parade Disruption, Mendham Mayor/Christine Glassner/U.S. Senate, Oscar Pistorius Released, Niagara Not Terrorism, Pentagon/AI, Chinese Spacecraft Moon, Walmart Closed For Christmas, Oil In Gulf Mexico, Murdaugh Clerk Son Arrested/Wiretapping Charges. NASA/Laser Message- 50 Seconds/10M Miles, & Warren Buffett/$870 M. #news #trump #hamas #ios17update #disney #cybermonday

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