Biden’s Competency Under Scrutiny | Eric Deters Show | February 9, 2024

Biden’s Competency Under Scrutiny | Eric Deters Show | February 9, 2024

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Biden’s Competency Under Scrutiny: Exploring Claims of Incompetence | Eric Deters Show | February 9, 2024

Tune in to the latest episode of The Eric Deters Show for insightful discussions on pressing issues and current events. In this episode, Eric Deters covers a wide range of topics, including:

* Analysis of President Biden’s leadership and competency.
* Examination of the latest developments in the US Supreme Court and ballot issues and Trump News.
* Insights into the Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin interview.
* Updates on Congressman Scalise’s return to the political scene.
* Peter Navarro
* Exploration of Brazil’s grain industry and its global impact.
* Updates on geopolitical dynamics involving Iran, Turkey, and the Houthi rebels.
* Insights into the state of the US steel industry.
* Analysis of recent assassinations and their implications.
* Examination of the relationship between US firms and China.
* Updates on former President Trump’s activities in the Virgin Islands.
* Insights into the policies of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
* Analysis of the Congressional Budget Office’s projections and the $54 trillion estimate by 2034.
Don’t miss out on Eric Deters’ in-depth analysis and expert commentary on today’s most pressing issues.

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