Cintas $2M Ohio Tax Credit, Bridge Hero, $74 m KY Pollition/Mine Clean Up Fund

Cintas $2M Ohio Tax Credit, Bridge Hero, $74 m KY Pollition/Mine Clean Up Fund

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Tune in to Eric Deters Local News for the latest updates from Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana on March 4, 2024:

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1. Bockfest
2. Cintas secures $2M Ohio Tax Credit for $15M Investment, creating 125 Jobs at Mason HQ
3. Enquirer Investigates Medical Bills
4. Cincinnati Business Courier: Diversity in Board Rooms – “Stale, Male, and Pale” No More
5. Largest Physician Groups
6. LINK: 161,587 Households Super Issue/Labor Issues Sponsors
7. Food Insecurity: A Risk Factor in Gun Violence
8. Empowering Our Kids to Stand Up to Bullies
9. Enquirer Reports on Opening and Closing Restaurants
10. WLW
11. Local 12
12. Hollywood Casino Shooting
13. DeWine’s Endorsements
14. Bridge Hero
15. Attempted Rape in Butler
16. $74M Mine Clean Up
17. Clifton Shooting
18. Clermont Massage Parlor Investigation
19. Huntington Scam Alert
20. Riverview Case Update
21. London Mayor Sues
22. Dr. Hansen’s Insights
23. Deters v. Massie Legal Battle
24. Kenton County: Kurt Greivenkamp’s Initiatives
25. Bernie Moreno’s Contributions
26. Melissa Powers’ Impact
27. Discussion on “Trump Support Among Black Voters”

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