Drew Samples/Children’s Hospital, SD! Tragedy, & Louisville GOP/Anti-Crime

Drew Samples/Children’s Hospital, SD! Tragedy, & Louisville GOP/Anti-Crime

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Thank you for watching Eric Deters Local News on the following: Joe Wessels/Wenstrup, Senator Shane Wilkin/Wenstrup, Covington Shooting, Governor Race/$70M, Governor Budget, Drew Sample/Children’s, Mail Theft Sentencing, SD1 Tragedy, Massie/DeSantis/Iowa, Lt. Governor Coleman, McConnell 6%, Amanda Bledsoe/Senator Lexington, OIA Global/89 Employees, Austin Genay/$338,602 & 22 Months, 46% Refugees/Congo/Ohio, Louisville GOP/Anti-Crime, & St. Martin Of Tours/Cheviot To Close
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