Eric Deters Local News | March 11, 2024

Eric Deters Local News | March 11, 2024

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Get ready, folks, because it’s time for Eric Deters Local News, where we bring you the pulse of your community like never before! I’m your host, Eric Deters, and today, March 11, 2024, we’ve got a lineup of stories that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. But first, remember to stay engaged and join the conversation using our hashtags – #LocalNews #CommunityUpdates – because your voice matters!

1. **Mt. Healthy**: What’s happening in Mt. Healthy? Get the inside scoop on the latest developments.
2. **Voodoo?**: Dr. Stephanie Russel
3. **Sick Perv**: Exposing the shocking truth behind a sickening individual lurking in our midst.
4. **North College Hill**: Breaking news from North College Hill – stay informed about your neighborhood.
5. **Coleman/Death Penalty**: The Coleman case revisited – a closer look at the ongoing debate over the death penalty.
6. **Moreno**: Who is Moreno, and why is their story capturing our attention?
7. **Barges**:10 coal barges hit bridge
8. **Small Farms**: Kentucky- 5 or less acres exemption hunting fishing license.

Stay tuned as we dive deep into these stories and more, only on Eric Deters Local News – your window into the beating heart of your hometown! #LocalNews #CommunityUpdates #BreakingNews #CommunityVoice #EricDetersLocalNews