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Eric Deters Local News

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Welcome to your daily dose of local news, airing February 1, 2024, on L&C. In today’s episode, we’re bringing you the latest updates from around the community, covering a spectrum of stories that matter.

Join us as we uncover the startling discovery of 56 guns in an unexpected location and dive into the intriguing details surrounding the “Punch In Court” incident, unraveling the complexities of justice in our legal system.

Delving into Kentucky’s local affairs, we observe a solemn “Moment of Silence” and explore the ongoing developments in Metro Housing Louisville. Additionally, we shine a light on the efforts to reform the juvenile justice system through the lens of Ball, while also addressing the sensitive topic of 300 bodies cremated, shedding light on the community’s response and efforts towards closure.

Stay informed and engaged with the pulse of your community as we bring you the most pertinent updates and insights on today’s local news.

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