Eric Deters Pop Culture | Quitting, Babysitting, and Royal Tattling

Eric Deters Pop Culture | Quitting, Babysitting, and Royal Tattling

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Fasten your seatbelts and prepare your eye-rolls; it’s time for today’s “Pop Culture”; the show where we dive into the celebrity deep end and come up gagging.

In a move that’s shocked the plant kingdom, Snoop Dogg says he’s laying off the smoke. He’s asked for privacy during this difficult time, presumably while he figures out how to fill all his newfound free time.

Meanwhile, Doc Rivers wins ‘Dad of the Year’ for outsourcing his parenting to none other than Dennis Rodman. Because when you need a responsible adult, you naturally think of a man who’s best friends with a North Korean dictator.

Kid Rock is singing a different tune these days—this time about Bud Light. What’s next? Swapping the cowboy hat for a beret?

Over in the royal circus, Meghan and Harry are accused of leaking King Charles’ phone call. If true, it’s the biggest royal expose since the last one.

Joy Behar, on ‘The View,’ takes a break from politics to slam Travis Kelce as “illiterate,” expressing her deep concern for Taylor Swift’s romantic choices. Because obviously, Joy’s approval is the final rose in any relationship.

Caitlyn Jenner shared a quaint tale of convincing Robert Kardashian to divorce Kris over dinner. Nothing spices up a meal like a side of marital advice, right?

And in the podcast realm, Joe Rogan’s reign at the top of Spotify is over. Maybe it’s time to start a new podcast about the struggles of being second best.

That’s a wrap!

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