Escalating Tensions : Biden’s Direct Response to Drone Attack on U.S Troops in Iraq

Escalating Tensions : Biden’s Direct Response to Drone Attack on U.S Troops in Iraq

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Join Eric Deters for the latest headlines on his show as he unpacks Biden’s strategic move ordering a strike on an Iranian-aligned group following a drone attack in Iraq. Discover the twists in Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign, which halts TV ad spending right before Iowa and New Hampshire. Get the inside scoop on Biden’s whirlwind trip from the White House to a week-long Caribbean vacation, Jill & Joe Biden & family spend Christmas at Camp David.
Explore Trudeau’s new policy making tampons available in Canadian Parliament men’s bathrooms. The ‘Christmas Lawyer’ faces disbarment for challenging a judge during an HOA dispute over a festive display. Delve into the heartbreaking reality for Afghan schoolgirls as their education faces a halt banned from studying beyond 6th grade under Taliban rule.
Stay informed about the largest migrant caravan in over a year heading to the US-Mexico border, potentially reaching 15K people. Eric analyzes the warning of a possible US debt default in about 20 years if the current path continues. Uncover the bizarre lawsuit against a dentist accused of disfiguring a patient in a single visit.
And don’t miss the remarkable story of a student accidentally creating a rechargeable battery that could last 400 years. Plus, find out how California plans to fine stores without a ‘gender-neutral’ kids’ toy section. Subscribe now for Eric Deters’ insightful commentary on these global and national events!”

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