McDonald’s Prices Surge As Customers Opt For Home Dining; Stock Plummets | Eric Deters Show

McDonald’s Prices Surge As Customers Opt For Home Dining; Stock Plummets | Eric Deters Show

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McDonald’s Prices Surge As Customers Opt For Home Dining; Stock Plummets | Eric Deters Show | March 14, 2024

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1. **US/Global**: Dive into the latest headlines shaping the domestic and international political scene.
2. **John Paulsen**:
3. **AI/Threat**: Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and national security threats.
4. **Adidas**
5. **Nex Benedict**
6. **DeSantis/Haiti**: Analysis of Governor DeSantis’ policies and the ongoing situation in Haiti.
7. **Hur/$8M Book Deal**: Unveiling the details and implications of the recent $8 million book deal controversy.
8. **Arizona**: Discussing political happenings and legislative initiatives in the state of Arizona.
9. **Garvey**: Insights and commentary on Garvey’s latest political moves and public statements.
10. **Kari Lake**
11. **Cuomo**: Examination of recent developments surrounding Andrew Cuomo and his political career.
12. **McDonalds**: Analysis of McDonald’s price hikes and their impact on consumers and the market.
13. **Lemon/Musk Cancel**
14. **Hunter/June 3**: Investigating the latest revelations and controversies surrounding Hunter Biden.
15. **RFK, Jr./ 3/25**: Preview of RFK Jr.’s upcoming event on March 25th and its significance.
16. **Biden/SOTU**: Breakdown of President Biden’s recent State of the Union address and its key points.
17. **Jill Biden**: Discussion on Jill Biden’s role as First Lady and her initiatives.
18. **Potatoes?**: Exploring recent controversies and debates surrounding potatoes.
19. **Marines/Haiti**: Analysis of the involvement of Marines in the Haiti crisis and its implications.
20. **Tik Tok**: Examination of the impact of TikTok on political discourse and youth engagement.
21. **CHUBB**: Insights into recent developments and controversies surrounding the CHUBB insurance company.
22. **Noem**: Analysis of Governor Noem’s political career and policy decisions.
23. **Hunter/Comer**: Continuing coverage of Hunter Biden’s controversies and his interactions with Comer.
24. **Putin/Nuclear**: Analysis of Putin’s nuclear policies and recent geopolitical tensions.
25. **Georgia Case**: Discussion on the ongoing legal case in Georgia and its political ramifications.
26. **Puberty Blockers**: Delving into the debate over the use of puberty blockers and its impact on society.
27. **Family Dollar/Dollar Tree**: Analysis of recent news and developments related to Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores.

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