New Polls Have Trump Surging! | Eric Deters Show

New Polls Have Trump Surging! | Eric Deters Show

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Thank you for watching Eric Deters Show on Kerry/Coal, Lithium/Calif. Lake, Hamas Hostage Treatment, Trump 60%/DeSantis 12%, China’s “Loans”, Cuban Spy, China War, Kraft 17.7M Verdict, Harry/Archie’s Godfather, Money Supply Shrinking, Postal Worker 170K Cash, Cancer Treatment Cause Cancer, Surge Heart Issues Pilots, Independents, Comer, Trump/Iowa, Trump/Virginia, Trump/Jesus, Pfizer New Zealand, Gutfeld/Tucker, Santos/Dirt, Newsom Wife, Mar A Lago/750M, Hamas/Hostages Alive?, Fox/“Lap Dance”, Cigna/Humana Merge?, Ohio GOP/Trump, Borrowing to Pay Interest, Fetterman v. Martinez, Denver Mayor’s Car Stolen, China Ban, O’Connor RIP, Jussie Smollett, & Derek Chauvin/22 Times.

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