NKU Direct Admissions | Eric Deters Local News | March 6, 2024

NKU Direct Admissions | Eric Deters Local News | March 6, 2024

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Get ready to dive into the heart of your community with Eric Deters Local News! Serving Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, we’re your ultimate source for all things local, law, and crime. Sponsored by Deters Consulting Company & Top Shine Detailing, buckle up as we bring you the latest headlines and breaking stories from your neighborhood!

Join us for an electrifying episode airing on March 6, 2024, where we’ll uncover the following highlights:

1. **Law and Crime:**
– Unraveling the details of a kickback scandal
– Hear about a shocking hotel assault

2. **Local Updates:**
– NKU’s innovative Direct Admissions program
– Board of Education Elections shake up the local scene
– The revival of cursive writing and its impact
– Tragic news of cows found dead

3. **Ohio Spotlight:**
– Ohio Attorney General’s latest initiatives
– Insights into Middletown’s police chief stepping down

4. **Kentucky Focus:**
– Delving into the legacy of Harriet Tubman in Kentucky/statue

5. **Indiana Headlines:**
– Hollywood Robber strikes again – details and precautions

Stay tuned for an action-packed episode filled with insights, updates, and community stories that matter most to you! Don’t miss out – tune in to Eric Deters Local News and stay connected to your world.

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