Online Predator Arrested: Liberty Township

Online Predator Arrested: Liberty Township

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Welcome to Eric Deters Local News, your source for in-depth coverage of law and crime in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. In this episode:
* “School Safety Concerns”: Despite the requirement, discover why hundreds of Kentucky schools are without resource officers, raising questions about student safety.
* “Marching into the New Year”: Join us as Mason High School’s marching band gears up to dazzle in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, bringing pride to the local community.
* “Alarming Break-In Case”: A West Chester man faces charges for breaking into an empty apartment on Christmas Eve, aiming to engage in inappropriate contact with a minor. Get the latest on this disturbing incident on Princeton Square Circle.
* “Online Predator Sting”: Learn how the relentless work of online predator catchers led to the arrest of a Liberty Township resident, exposing the dangers lurking in the digital realm.
* “Truck Theft Drama”: Dive into the details of a gripping police chase as a man steals a Norwood City truck, leading law enforcement on an extended pursuit.
* “Machine Gun Arrest”: A Cincinnati resident is charged for the unlawful possession of a machine gun after a SWAT-assisted arrest. Explore the circumstances surrounding this serious offense.
* “Privacy Breach”: Uncover the unsettling revelation that the Indiana BMV earned nearly $26 million by selling people’s personal information. How secure is your data?
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