Pop Culture | Billionaire Goodbyes & Buckshot Proposals

Pop Culture | Billionaire Goodbyes & Buckshot Proposals

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Dive into the absurdity abyss with today’s episode of “Pop Culture”

Mark Cuban is waving bye-bye to ‘Shark Tank’ after Season 16. Presumably, he’s off to count his billions somewhere less shark-infested.

In romantic Nebraska, nothing says love like a marriage proposal following the romantic takedown of a giant buck. Ah, the smell of gunpowder and matrimony.

Earth’s magnetic field is playing musical chairs with its poles, because why not add a potential compass-flipping event to our list of existential worries?

An Australian model has drafted a novel-length list of 117 reasons not to have kids. Spoiler: Reason #118 is not having to write long lists anymore.

Veronika Rajek is swooning over ‘hunk’ Travis Kelce. Because nothing sets the heart aflutter like a man who can dodge tackles and catch footballs.

Linda Evangelista declares her dating days are done. She’s not just avoiding the dating pool; she’s drained it, filled it with cement, and built a no-breathing-allowed zen garden on top.

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