Pop Culture | Buttock Science & Iron Man’s Retirement

Pop Culture | Buttock Science & Iron Man’s Retirement

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Science has finally cracked the code on the perfect male and female buttocks. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the waist-to-hip ratio. In the grand scheme of things, nothing’s more crucial than the curvature of your behind.

The Kennedy Center Honors are rolling out the red carpet for Queen Latifah, Billy Crystal, and Dionne Warwick. Nothing screams ‘honorable’ like being serenaded by people who’ve never met you.

The Tuohy family, of ‘The Blind Side’ fame, claims Michael Oher tried to extort them for a cool $15 million. Talk about a blindside move in real life!

A shocking number of moms daydream about being hospitalized. A hospital bed and 24/7 nurse service would actually be pretty relaxing.

Vanessa Hudgens ties the knot with baseball player Cole Tucker. Here’s to hoping their love story is a home run and not a strikeout.

Lidocaine, commonly known for numbing pain, might just be the kryptonite cancer cells didn’t see coming. Take that, cancer!

A study reveals the jobs most likely to be replaced by AI, including management consultants and business analysts. So, robots are coming for the suits. Should we be scared or relieved?

And lastly, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is officially hanging up his suit in the Marvel Universe. Guess even superheroes need a retirement plan.

Join us as we sift through the day’s pop culture stories with the kind of scrutiny they probably don’t deserve.

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