Pop Culture | Cyber Kidnapping Has Come To America

Pop Culture | Cyber Kidnapping Has Come To America

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Hey Pop Culture Vultures!? Buckle up, because today’s “Pop Culture” episode is juicier than a reality TV show reunion!

First up, comedian Jo Koy threw some shade at Taylor Swift during the Golden Globes, and she didn’t seem to be thrilled about it. Award shows are now the new battleground for celebrity roasts. Who needs a trophy when you’ve got top-tier burns?

Then we’ve got server-gate 2024! Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, is accused of being the ‘unpleasant’ guest from hell at a luxury LA hotel. Allegedly, she left without tipping on a $130 bill. Maybe she thought the tip was included, or perhaps her calculator app was broken?

And for our main course of drama, we take a trip down memory lane to when Elvis Presley publicly insulted Priscilla’s new boyfriend during a concert. All this while Priscilla was right there in the audience! Ah, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the King of Pettiness, all rolled into one.

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