Pop Culture | Family Dog Eats $4,000 Cash!

Pop Culture | Family Dog Eats $4,000 Cash!

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Hey, Pop Culture Junkies! Are you ready for your daily dose of celebrity shenanigans? Well you’re in the right place.

First up, we’re diving into the drama of Meghan Markle being left out of the ‘Suits’ Golden Globe reunion. Apparently, her ex-costars ‘don’t have her number’. I guess they must’ve lost it in the same place where socks go missing from the dryer. Or they kinda, sorta didn’t care to look too hard for it. Yeah that’s probably it.

Then, we’ve got a story that’s truly ‘ruff’ around the edges. A dog in Pennsylvania decided to have a feast on $4K worth of cash! Talk about expensive taste. The family found their money ‘shredded all over the room’. Maybe the dog was just trying to help with their budgeting? Dave Ramsey would not approve.

Short and sweet and to a rounded point. That’s us today!

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