Pop Culture | Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Closet Of Purses Because You Need To Know About It

Pop Culture | Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Closet Of Purses Because You Need To Know About It

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Hey everyone, buckle up for a dive into the absurdly glamorous and often idiotic world of celebrities and royalty, with a dash of movie trivia and a drunken serenade to top it off. First off, we’ve got Kim Kardashian flaunting her 129 Balenciaga purses in a closet worth more than most houses, because when you face a backlash, the logical response is obviously to show off your absurdly expensive handbag collection.

Meanwhile, Amy Robach is shedding tears over T.J. Holmes being as emotionally available as a brick wall. In a ‘nose news’ update, a man with the world’s longest nose is out there making people gasp and cringe simultaneously – because who needs regular facial features when you can have record-breaking ones?

In royal drama, King Charles is playing a real-life game of musical chairs, quietly removing Prince Harry and Prince Andrew from their ‘Counsellor of State’ roles. I guess it’s one way to say “I don’t like you”. And for the movie buffs, did you know that the real-life inspiration for Top Gun’s ‘Viper’, Pete Pettigrew, had a cameo in the film? Talk about life imitating art, or is it the other way around?

And now, for a musical interlude, let’s swing by Kid Rock’s bar where an absolutely blitzed John Daly is channeling his inner Bob Dylan. Because nothing screams ‘party’ like a drunken golf legend singing folk tunes. Lastly, we wrap up with the Oscar nominations for 2024, which are full of as many snubs and surprises as a plot twist in a daytime soap opera.

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