Pop Culture | Musk’s Work Marathons & Celebrity Antics Under the Beaver Moon

Pop Culture | Musk’s Work Marathons & Celebrity Antics Under the Beaver Moon

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Welcome back to “Pop Culture Daily,” where we dissect the absolutely vital news that definitely affects your life in no way whatsoever.

Buckle up, stargazers! November’s Full Beaver Moon is out here meddling with four zodiac signs, because when life gets weird, obviously it’s the moon’s fault.

A psychologist has just had a breakthrough moment explaining why we’re all exhausted. Spoiler alert: It’s not because we’re staying up all night pondering the mysteries of the Full Beaver Moon.

David Lee Roth is playing hard to get with Sammy Hagar’s invite to the Van Halen Tribute Tour. Maybe he’s holding out for a Full Beaver Moon concert.

Meanwhile, in reality TV land, ‘The Golden Bachelor’ is getting about as much attention as the “terms and conditions” page on a software update.

David Letterman snuck back onto ‘The Late Show’ and got hit with a wave of nostalgia. Yes, Dave, we too miss the days when late-night shows were more than just YouTube clip factories.

Joaquin Phoenix is basically telling us to turn Thanksgiving into a tofurkey fest. Gobble gobble? More like gobble… not.

And Elon Musk’s daily routine is to sleep, work, and then work some more because who needs downtime when you could be planning a space tour for the Full Beaver Moon?

Pop Culture is like the Full Beaver Moon of entertainment—mysterious, inexplicable, and having way more influence than it probably should.

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