Pop Culture | Swift Denials, AI Models, and Royal Rumblings

Pop Culture | Swift Denials, AI Models, and Royal Rumblings

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Welcome to another eye-roll-inducing episode of “Pop Culture,” where we take celebrity news and give it the mockery it so richly deserves.

First up, Taylor Swift is busy stamping out those ‘insane’ rumors about a secret marriage with ex Joe Alwyn. Why enjoy a private life when you can have a rep blast your personal drama all over the internet?

‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner proves there’s life after reality TV by getting engaged. Aww, looks like he finally found someone who couldn’t live without his 15 minutes of fame.

In the world of ‘why work when you can be pretty,’ an AI-generated model is raking in $11k a month. Finally, a model that doesn’t need bathroom breaks.

King Charles III and Kate Middleton are ‘considering’ legal action after being outed in the royal skin color saga. Nothing says ‘modern monarchy’ like a good old-fashioned lawsuit.

Kim Kardashian admits her family ‘scammed the system’ to reach stardom. Shocking, I know. Next, she’ll tell us the sky is blue.

And in the latest twist of Kelly Clarkson’s divorce soap opera, her ex has to cough up ‘millions.’ Turns out, ’till debt do us part’ is the new romantic vow in Hollywood.

Stay tuned as we dive headfirst into the dumpster fire of celebrity drama, where the only thing more inflated than the egos are the paychecks.

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