Pop Culture | Texas Teacher Fired For Her Previous Job, The Conviction Probably Didn’t Help

Pop Culture | Texas Teacher Fired For Her Previous Job, The Conviction Probably Didn’t Help

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Welcome back to “Pop Culture Daily,” where we poke fun at the rich and famous because, let’s face it, they make it too easy.

In today’s “Oops” moment, Omid Scobie is in a tizzy denying his role in a Dutch translation blunder of ‘Endgame.’ Because when you write about royalty, even typos get the royal treatment.

A genius toddler becomes the youngest female member of Mensa, setting a world record and making us all feel under-accomplished before breakfast.

“Woke” books with big advances are bombing harder than a comedian at a funeral. Turns out, inexperience plus enthusiasm equals a recipe for disaster—who knew?

Kenny Chesney is bringing his cowboy hat to Cincinnati in 2024. Yeehaw, Ohio, get ready for some twang and tang.

A Texas school district finally figured out one of their employees had a side gig as a convicted prostitute. Talk about career multitasking!

Fast food prices are skyrocketing, and the middle class is mourning the loss of affordable Burger King. Have it your way sure, but you’ll go broke.

Taylor Swift jets off to Kansas City to see Travis Kelce, because what’s a little cross-country flight for love… or good PR?

The oldest living animal might be an Arctic Shark that’s half a millennium old. In other news, I can’t even keep a houseplant alive for a month.

A man discovers chopsticks in his brain after months of headaches. Guess that’s one way to stir up trouble.

Sports Illustrated writers are in a tizzy over AI-generated articles. Relax, folks, the robots aren’t taking your jobs—yet.

And Dolly Parton won’t text because she doesn’t want to answer. Finally, a celebrity with a relatable tech policy.

Join us for more eyebrow-raising tales from the glamorous and the bizarre in “Pop Culture Daily,” where we remind celebrities that, yes, we’re all laughing with you. Sort of.

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