Pop Culture | Tom Cruise Feels The Need For Speed For ‘Top Gun 3’

Pop Culture | Tom Cruise Feels The Need For Speed For ‘Top Gun 3’

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Oh, buckle up, folks! Today’s video is like a rollercoaster through La La Land, with twists and turns that not even M. Night Shyamalan could predict. Let’s kick things off with the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, where we witnessed the best and the worst. From tear-jerking speeches to fashion disasters that made us question if mirrors still exist in Hollywood, it was a night to remember (or forget, depending on how many drinks you had).

Next up, we’ve got Eric Church, the modern-day Robin Hood of country music, who penned “Leave My Willie Alone.” Why, you ask? Well, apparently after a break-up, his ex held his Willie Nelson records hostage. So, like any reasonable ex-boyfriend, he tried to stage a heist to get them back. Spoiler alert: It didn’t go as planned.

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. spills the tea about Marvel Studios. He says they “let the lunatics run the asylum.” Coming from a guy who literally became a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist on screen, that’s saying something. Maybe it’s a new strategy: chaos creates cash?

And just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, we have an ice-skating animal trainer’s extraordinary journey across America. Accompanied by a serial killer and a chimp, it’s not your typical road trip movie. Hollywood, you’ve outdone yourself this time.

Speaking of Hollywood, Martin Scorsese, the godfather of cinema, is on a mission to lure Daniel Day-Lewis out of retirement. Marty, if anyone can do it, it’s you. But let’s be real, Daniel’s probably too busy cobbling shoes or living in a cabin somewhere.

Finally, rev your engines because ‘Top Gun 3’ is taking flight, with Tom Cruise returning to remind us all that age is just a number, especially when you have Hollywood’s best CGI and stunt teams. Get ready for more volleyball, aviators, and maybe this time, an actual plot?

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