Pop Culture | Travis Kelce Ad Overload, Shared Beds and Mile-High Babies

Pop Culture | Travis Kelce Ad Overload, Shared Beds and Mile-High Babies

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Pop Culture, where we sift through the day’s news like it’s a lost remote in the sofa cushions.

First off, Travis Kelce is officially the king of your commercial breaks, appearing in more ads than there are minutes in a day. If you played a drinking game with his ads, you’d need a liver transplant.

Napoleon’s hat sold for $2.1 million at auction. Nothing says ‘I’ve made it’ like owning old, sweaty headgear from a 200-year-old military campaign.

In rental nightmares, a room’s going for $900 a month, but you’ll have to share the bed with the owner. You have to flip a coin to see who’s the big spoon.

Kim Kardashian is starring in a real movie that she’s making herself. The casting is a bit biased.

A woman gave birth on an airplane, providing in-flight entertainment you definitely won’t find on the seatback screen.

Riley Keough pays millions to be the sole trustee of Lisa Marie’s estate, in a settlement that sounds more like an eBay bidding war.

Shakira shakes off jail time on day one of her tax fraud trial with a settlement that’s less ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and more ‘Wallets Don’t Lie.’

Adele drops a marriage confirmation with Rich Paul. It’s rolling in the deep… end of the relationship pool.

‘Blue Bloods’ is getting the boot from CBS, proving that even TV cops aren’t immune to getting the axe.

Embattled country star Morgan Wallen swept the Billboard Music awards. Nothing says ‘forgive and forget’ like a shiny trophy.

And Taylor Swift gets a sweet call from her beau, Travis Kelce, because when your man’s in 107 ad campaigns, you’ve got to catch him between commercial shoots.

Tune in for all this plus the sarcastic commentary you didn’t know you needed.
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