Senate Border Bill | Eric Deters Show | February 5, 2024

Senate Border Bill | Eric Deters Show | February 5, 2024

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Eric Deters Show: February 5, 2024 – A Deep Dive into Today’s Headlines

Welcome to the Eric Deters Show! Join us as we delve into the most pressing issues shaping the world today. From geopolitical tensions to domestic politics, we cover it all. In today’s episode, we discuss recent air strikes in Iraq and Syria, the latest developments in South Carolina politics involving Trump and Haley, and the Senate’s controversial border bill. Plus, we unpack the family of Ashli Babbitt’s lawsuit, the dynamics between McConnell and Trump, and the latest Trump-Biden poll numbers. Stay tuned as we explore a range of topics, including the vice presidency, Biden’s approval rating in South Carolina, and more on Ann Coulter and Ronna McDaniel. We also dive into Biden’s documents, pharmaceutical news, and revelations from Tucker Carlson regarding Moscow. Don’t miss updates on Chinese spies in Iran, USPS funding, and shifts in the US money supply. We’ll also touch on Japan-China relations, recent releases of cop attackers, and China’s hefty investment in pork. Stay informed with the Eric Deters Show as we navigate through today’s headlines and beyond.

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