Sports Without Boundaries | Prime Time Showdowns & Sideline Showboating

Sports Without Boundaries | Prime Time Showdowns & Sideline Showboating

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Welcome back to “Sports Without Boundaries,” where the sports world is our comedy playground.
First up, the Ravens and Bengals are turning a regular-season matchup into a November nail-biter that’s got ‘playoffs’ written all over it. Get your popcorn ready; this is the kind of gridiron battle that even the neighbors will hear about.

In the MLB, the powers that be are second-guessing the pitch clock. Apparently, they’re considering that maybe fans actually do enjoy the seventh-inning stretch lasting until the ninth.

An NFL sideline reporter spilled the beans on making up those gripping halftime updates. What’s next, telling us the referees actually see everything?
In NBA news, Draymond Green’s earned himself a five-game NBA-imposed sit-down. Maybe he’ll use that time to practice his mediation skills or wrestling.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson is set to miss the rest of 2023 for shoulder surgery. His shoulder, it seems, threw in the towel.

Coach Deion Sanders tackles rumors of leaving Colorado amid Texas A&M gossip. He’s not just prime time; he’s prime loyalty.

Michael Vick lands the cover of Madden NFL 24, showing that legends never really leave the game—they just level up to cover status.

And, the MLB Cy Young Awards are out, crowning the kings of the mound. Spoiler: It wasn’t me or you.

Strap in as we bring you all this and more on “Sports Without Boundaries”—the show that takes the “out of bounds” sign and throws it out the window.

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