‘Super Chef’ – Food Network Arrested On Seven Charges | Eric Deters Local News | January 11, 2024

‘Super Chef’ – Food Network Arrested On Seven Charges | Eric Deters Local News | January 11, 2024

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Welcome to Eric Deters Local News, your go-to source for the latest updates in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana! In today’s episode on January 11, 2024, we cover a spectrum of local stories:

Dive into the parole developments with Greg Wilson.
Explore the nuances of youth surrender.
Unpack the details of the Fairfield shooting incident involving a father and his seven year old that were shot in the parking lot of a drive by shooting.
Hear more about “Super Chef” Darnell Ferguson with Food Network arrested on 7 charges.
Stay informed about a homebuilder scam who was sentenced for scamming a couple in over 50,000 and didn’t do work hired to do.
U.S. Marshals successfully apprehended their target following a hit and run fatalities.

In our local segment:
Delve into the happenings in Covington and Palestine.

Get acquainted with the New Kenton Police Chief.

Turning our attention to Kentucky:
Understand the implications of CON (Certificate of Need) regulations.

Explore the impact of the 3 Strikes Law.
Discuss the proposed 6% sales tax on diapers.
Stay updated on the latest in hunting and fishing regulations.

Heading over to Ohio:
Be cautious of scammers targeting SNAP recipients.

Learn about the intriguing dynamics surrounding Dewine’s overridden veto.
Join us every weekday as we bring you comprehensive coverage of the news that matters most to our local communities!

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