SWB | Championship Madness For A Trip To Vegas

SWB | Championship Madness For A Trip To Vegas

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We’re unpacking the frenzy from the AFC and NFC Championship Games. Will the Chiefs, Ravens, 49ers, or Lions reign supreme? Only time and a few tackles will tell.

In college basketball, UC, UK, and Xavier battled it out on the court, but UC, oh UC, why’d you have to be the odd man out?

Swifties, rejoice! Travis Kelce’s touchdown tribute to Taylor Swift has fans going gaga. The Bills could have put a stop to this had they just won.

ESPN’s big goodbye: the sports giant plans to shut down its New York and Los Angeles studios by 2025. We’re already mourning the loss of our favorite studio bloopers.

Cole Beasley is stirring the pot, taking a controversial stand against men who paint their nails. Never thought this would actually be a thing, but here we are.

CeeDee Lamb’s mom enters the chat, suggesting the Cowboys should ditch Dak Prescott post-playoff exit. When moms get involved, you know it’s serious business. Speaking of the Cowboys, their cheerleaders are accusing Packers players of “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Pretty bold coming from guys who play for the “Packers”.

And lastly, in a shocking turn of events, Sports Illustrated tells its entire staff they’re getting the boot. Pics or it didn’t happen.

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