SWB | Could Ja’Marr Chase Play Sunday? Coach Taylor Says: ‘Don’t Rule Him Out’

SWB | Could Ja’Marr Chase Play Sunday? Coach Taylor Says: ‘Don’t Rule Him Out’

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Welcome back to “Sports Without Boundaries,” the show where we take a look at the world of sports through a lens smeared with scoff.

First, let’s unravel the mystery of ‘Brodie the Goldendoodle’ and his VIP experience at a Lakers game. Well, when celebrities are too mainstream, we bring in the dogs for courtside entertainment.

National Signing Day 2024 is upon us, and it’s like the NFL draft for college – except with more acne and less money. Watch as college football recruits decide their fate by putting on a hat.

Aaron Rodgers won’t be returning from his Achilles injury this year. It turns out even legendary quarterbacks can’t magically heal like superheroes.

Ja Morant makes a dramatic return from suspension, winning the game on a buzzer-beater. Talk about making an entrance – or should we say, a re-entrance?

The Bengals’ head coach plays coy about Ja’Marr Chase’s chances against the Steelers. It’s like a game of will he/won’t he, but with more at stake than your average rom-com.

And in a plot twist no one saw coming, Giants’ Tommy DeVito ends up doing unpaid work at a pizzeria that canceled his event over increased booking fees. Because nothing says ‘pro athlete’ like moonlighting as a pizza guy.

Join us for another episode of “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we don’t just report the sports news—we give it a noogie.

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