SWB | Daly’s Revelation, Deportations, and Unexpected Twists

SWB | Daly’s Revelation, Deportations, and Unexpected Twists

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Welcome back to “Sports Without Boundaries,” the show where we take a less-than-reverent look at today’s sports headlines, seasoned with a generous sprinkle of sarcasm.

First up, NFL fans are absolutely enthralled with Giants QB Tommy DeVito’s agent, who seems to have stepped right out of an episode of ‘The Sopranos.’ Who needs football tactics when you’ve got mobster charisma?

In a plot twist no one saw coming, MLB All-Star pitcher Felipe Vasquez gets deported to Venezuela. Seems like the baseball diamond isn’t as secure as Fort Knox.

Al Michaels got the shock of his life being ousted from NBC’s NFL playoff coverage. Surprise, Al!

Alabama, in a display of modesty, only leads with three First-Team All-Americans. Just Alabama doing Alabama things, folks.

John Daly claims most pro golfers want Trump back in the White House. Trump is a golfer therefore, golfers like Trump. Pretty simple really.

And LeBron James stirs the pot by waltzing into a USC arena during the national anthem and taking a seat. LeBron, ever the trendsetter, even in controversy.

Join us as we dive into these stories with more eye rolls than a teenager asked to clean their room. It’s “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we don’t just report the sports news – we give it a noogie.

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