SWB | ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show Suffers 48% Viewership Drop

SWB | ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show Suffers 48% Viewership Drop

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Welcome back, sports fans, to your favorite sarcastic spin on today’s top sports headlines! It’s “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we don’t just report the news, we give it a playful nudge (or shove) with our not-so-subtle delivery.

Leading the charge, Dalvin Cook makes a beeline for the Baltimore Ravens, because who wouldn’t want to ensure they play on a playoff team? It’s like choosing the winning horse after the race has ended – smooth move, Cook!

Meanwhile, Greg Olsen might need to update his resume because Tom Brady is practically snatching his job as FOX’s No. 1 NFL analyst. Let’s face it, when you’re competing with the G.O.A.T., even your microphone starts to feel insecure.

Over at ESPN, Pat McAfee’s $85 million deal is raising eyebrows and expectations. Apparently, being a sports pundit now also requires you to be a ratings magician. No pressure, Pat, but we’re all watching (or are we?).

And in the ‘money talks’ corner, the NCAA and ESPN are high-fiving over a nearly $1 billion deal to broadcast 40 annual championships. Handball championship games count.

Remember, in “Sports Without Boundaries,” we don’t just cross the line – we obliterate it with a smirk.
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