SWB | Here’s Your Weekly Reminder From Tom Brady That The NFL Was Better When He Played

SWB | Here’s Your Weekly Reminder From Tom Brady That The NFL Was Better When He Played

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The Clippers are back to .500 after an unlikely victory over the Nuggets. Surprises keep life interesting.

A former Jaguars employee allegedly swiped over $22 million. Who knew the real action was happening off the field?

Rutgers somehow lands point guard Dylan Harper, the No. 2 recruit. Strange? More like a minor sports miracle.

In a plot twist worthy of a soap opera, the Yankees and Red Sox pulled off a shocking trade. Because who doesn’t love a good ‘frenemies’ moment?

Georgia vs. Alabama became the most-watched title game with 17.7 million viewers. Apparently, everyone wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Tom Brady out here saying he, Randy Moss, and Chad Johnson could score 35 points in an NFL game today. Retirement isn’t doing Tom any good.

‘NFL Total Access’ analyst David Carr suggests the Eagles should bench Jalen Hurts for Marcus Mariota. Sometimes terrible ideas work according to David.

Zach Wilson is back as the Jets’ starter against the Texans after warming the bench for two games. Let’s see if absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

The Belmont Stakes is moving to Saratoga in 2024 and getting a trim. The horses said the Belmont took too long.

Bryce Harper is looking for an extension to stay with the Phillies forever. Nothing says ‘commitment’ like never wanting to leave.

Join us as we dive into these headlines with more skepticism than a referee at a diving competition. It’s “Sports Without Boundaries,” where the only foul is not having a sense of humor.

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