SWB | It’s Tee Time On Monday For The Bengals, Top Ten For UK, Tiger Woods Tees It Up Again

SWB | It’s Tee Time On Monday For The Bengals, Top Ten For UK, Tiger Woods Tees It Up Again

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Welcome back to “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we take a look at sports with the kind of commentary that gets you benched.

First off, NCAA football conference championship games are gearing up to be wilder than a reality TV show finale. Grab your popcorn, because the drama’s about to get real.

The Bengals’ Tee Higgins is making his grand return for Monday Night Football. Jacksonville, you’ve been warned – Tee time is upon you.

NCAA basketball is rolling into the weekend with matchups more heated than a summer day in Death Valley. Let’s see who’s got game and who’s just playing games.

UK Basketball crashes the top 10 like an uninvited party guest. Welcome to the club, Wildcats, don’t break anything.

Tiger Woods is back, swinging his clubs and nursing his aches. Because nothing says ‘comeback’ like being sore enough to remember you’re no longer 21.

LeBron James’ manager was apparently making bets with an illegal bookie. Because why go legit when you can add a little scandal to your dribble?

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill is stepping up to cover cameraman Kevin Fitzgibbons’ salary. It’s like Robin Hood, if Robin Hood was really fast and played in the NFL.

Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and DaRon Bland are making history as the second teammates to win NFC Players of the Month. Two stars are better than one, especially when you’re the Cowboys.

And in the MLB, they’re considering axing the league’s most controversial rule. What will they do next, actually make the umpires wear glasses?

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