SWB | It’s That Magical Time Of Year, Playoff Fever Is Here

SWB | It’s That Magical Time Of Year, Playoff Fever Is Here

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Welcome back, sports enthusiasts, to another rib-tickling episode of “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we tackle sports news with more sarcasm than a teenager at a family gathering.

Kicking off with college basketball, UC is going head-to-head with Baylor, and UK is set to clash with Texas A&M this Saturday. It’s time to place your bets, folks – or just grab some popcorn and watch the chaos unfold from a safe distance.

Then there’s the NFL playoffs, starting this weekend. Everyone’s so excited, you’d think they were giving away free tickets to the moon. Get ready for couch coaches and Monday morning quarterbacks to emerge in full force.

In basketball legends doing legendary things, Michael Jordan decided to skip the Bulls Ring of Honor and sent a video instead. Because why show up in person when you can just FaceTime your way into history?

Speaking of legends, over in the NBA, Spurs’ Victor Wembayama just notched his first triple-double. At this rate, he’ll be levitating on the court by the end of the season.

And in the world of NFL injuries, Eagles QB Jalen Hurts might be sidelined thanks to his finger. Because in football, even your fingers need to be in peak physical condition.

Plus offseason baseball and college football moves and more!

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