SWB | Say It Isn’t So! Tommy DeVito and Sean Stellato Part Ways

SWB | Say It Isn’t So! Tommy DeVito and Sean Stellato Part Ways

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Welcome to another episode of “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we serve up the juiciest sports headlines with a side of LOL.

First up, the Bengals and Steelers are set to clash tomorrow, but Bengals’ star Ja’Marr Chase will be on the sidelines nursing his shoulder.

Last night, UK basketball showed Louisville the true meaning of a smackdown. It was less of a game and more of a basketball clinic, courtesy of UK.

Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford’s Rams are putting the ‘play’ back in ‘playoffs,’ holding off the Saints with a 30-22 victory. It’s like watching a Hollywood script come to life, but with more helmets and less CGI.

In baseball news, Yoshinobu Yamamoto just bagged a whopping $325 million deal with the Dodgers. Nothing says ‘welcome to the team’ like a truckload of cash.

Patrick Mahomes is now the new face of the energy drink company Prime. Because when you’re the NFL’s golden boy, you don’t just energize your team, you energize the world.

In a twist that no one saw coming (except maybe Madden gamers), an All White vs All Black Pro Bowl got simulated in Madden. Why settle for reality when virtual reality is just a console away?

And in a scene straight out of a mob movie, Tommy Devito has fired his agent, who’s giving off serious Sopranos vibes. It’s like a sports drama, but with less football and more ‘fuggedaboutit.’

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