SWB | The Reds Now Hold The Longest Winless Playoff Drought

SWB | The Reds Now Hold The Longest Winless Playoff Drought

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Kicking things off with the NFL Super Wildcard Weekend – the Buccaneers show the Eagles who’s boss with a 32-9 victory. Seems like Baker Mayfield is still working wonders. Meanwhile, the Steelers, in their trademark style, manage to lose gracefully to the Bills 31-17. Better luck next season, maybe?
In “things you never thought you’d hear” news, the Atlanta Falcons have interviewed Bill Belichick for their head coaching job. Well when you can’t win titles, why not try to snag the guy who has a closet full of them?
Over to the world of basketball, where the Miami Heat are literally setting Dwayne Wade in stone. Yes, a statue! What better way to say “Thanks for the memories” than immortalizing someone in bronze?
Soccer fans, rejoice! Lionel Messi clinches the FIFA Player of the Year award again. At this point, they should probably just rename it the “Lionel Messi Award.”
And a special shoutout to the Detroit Lions for leaving the Cincinnati Reds with the longest playoff win drought. Reds fans, maybe start praying to the sports gods for a miracle?
That wraps up today’s sports roundup on “Sports Without Boundaries.” Remember, in the world of sports, the only predictable thing is unpredictability!

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