Trump 77 Fit/Biden 81 Senile | Eric Deters Show

Trump 77 Fit/Biden 81 Senile | Eric Deters Show

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Thank you for watching Eric Deters Show on Trump/RNC, Musk Sues Media Matters, Trump/77 Fit, Biden/81 Senile, Biden Doesn’t Know Swift From Spears, Comptroller Trump Trial, Military Aircraft Overshoots Runway, Small Business Support Trump, Houston Lawyer/Killed Two Inmates, Oregon/Cocaine & Heroin, Texas AG Jumps In, DeSantis v. Newsom/Nov 30, Gates/China Farmland, President Debates- 9/16/24, 10/1/24, 10/9/24, VP Debates 9/25/24, Candace Loses Mentor/David Horowitz, Ukraine Sniper/2.3 Miles, Sam Altman/AI/Microsoft, Royal Navy Nuclear Subs, & Petco.

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Editorial: Judge Appalling ‘Bonus Torso Photo’ | Eric Deters Show | November 8, 2023

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