Trump: VP, Ingraham, Debates | Eric Deters Show | February 21, 2024

Trump: VP, Ingraham, Debates | Eric Deters Show | February 21, 2024

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“Welcome to the Eric Deters Show, airing on February 21, 2024, sponsored by Deters Consulting Company, Parks Yoga, and Top Shine Detailing.

Join us as we delve into today’s top stories across multiple platforms, including Nikki Haley and insights into the latest on Trump’s VP speculation, Trump’s connection with Ingraham, and his participation in debates. We’ll also dissect the California budget, analyze Blinken’s latest moves, and discuss the dynamic between Tucker and Boris. Plus, updates on Letitia James, the Supreme Court ruling impacting Massie, the tragic K.C. parade and details on the two juveniles arrested, and the ethical debate surrounding frozen embryos. Stay tuned for the latest in business, including Walmart’s partnership with Vizio and IRS updates. We’ll also explore concerns about COVID vaccine harm and the Secret Service’s efforts to prevent Biden from falling. Don’t miss our discussion on the alarming lack of basic government knowledge among Americans. Tune in for engaging discussions and expert analysis on the issues shaping our world today. Check us out on all platforms for more exclusive content and insights.”

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