Unconventional Learning: Unique & Silly College Courses Offered | Eric Deters Local News

Unconventional Learning: Unique & Silly College Courses Offered | Eric Deters Local News

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Dive into Eric Deters Local News, where we cover the latest law and crime and local updates in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. Hamilton County deputies investigate threats at a synagogue and multiple hospitals, while an Ohio prosecutor shares a bold stance on self-defense. Falmouth City Council serves its mayor with impeachment papers, and a federal judge rejects a former CPD officer’s request to end probation early. Join us for the scoop on a juvenile and another suspect shot in Bond Hill, along with unique classes at Cincinnati area colleges. Plus, we explore child care advocacy concerns in Kentucky and mourn the loss of Stanley Crawley in a Florence motorcycle crash. Stay informed about the ‘State of Northern Kentucky’ as discussed by three Judges-Executives, and learn about Governor Beshear’s task force combating antisemitism in the region. Subscribe now for your local updates!

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