Time never relents.  Here we are at the conclusion of another year and the outset of another.  While each of our current life’s circumstances are unique, the annual ritual of reflection and future contemplation is common to all.  I find the days between Christmas and New Year’s to be the most melancholy of the year and New Year’s Day the most.  In this mental haze, I do reflect and I do see forward.

I resolve the same each year- strive to do better and be better across the board.  While one year to the next may not yield a linear path on my self-improvement quest, I am an improved version of what I seek for myself.

While others may believe sixty as a time to begin “down shifting,” I hope to battle on in my life’s purpose of fighting for those who need me for another forty years.

Our country, our states, our communities, the kicked and forgotten, need me and you to not give up and give in.

True story.

I’m writing this at 5 AM.  I woke up at 4 AM from a nap to work.  Although rare, I am human, and at 11 PM last night, I paused work, laid down on my home office couch before sleeping in my bed, and “wallowed” in ALL I have endured and continue to endure.  It is a helluva story. The common theme- while I make great sacrifice battling so much wrong and injustice, time and again, I have been used, abused, betrayed, defamed, ignored and worse, all under their guilt relieving, self-serving false narrative its always OK to do “this” to Eric Deters.

Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, I not only know better, I refuse to allow them to defeat me. And, my incredible and even unbelievable story is going to be told soon in a big way.

I share this personal message for one reason and one reason only. Most of you have your own crosses to bear.  In carrying those crosses, stay strong, fight on and know I get it more than anyone.  We share the pain.

Never forget not just carpe diem, but illegitimate non-carborundum (Don’t let the bastards get you down.”  Thank you, Gatewood Galbraith for that one.)

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Vetoes “SAFE Act” House Bill 68

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has vetoed House Bill 68, a contentious piece of legislation concerning the medical care of transgender minors and their participation in sports. This bill, which had earlier passed both the House and Senate, proposed strict limitations on medical treatments for transgender youth and aimed to ban transgender girls from competing in female sports teams in schools and colleges.

Gov. Mike DeWine

Governor DeWine’s decision comes after in-depth consultations and visits to children’s hospitals, where he engaged with families and reviewed various arguments both for and against the bill. His rationale for the veto is rooted in the belief that parents are better placed to make medical decisions for their children than the state.

Despite the bill’s passage with a supermajority, which theoretically gives the legislature the power to override the governor’s veto, DeWine remains firm in his stance. He plans to introduce regulations to prohibit surgery for patients under 18, alongside measures to monitor transgender medical care and regulate clinics that lack comprehensive mental health support.

This decision has stirred diverse reactions within the political arena. Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, a known supporter of the bill and a potential gubernatorial candidate for 2026, has previously expressed his backing for the legislation, citing concerns about men competing in women’s sports and the permanence of medical decisions made in childhood.

Governor DeWine’s veto marks a crucial moment in the ongoing debate over transgender rights and healthcare in Ohio, reflecting the complex interplay of medical ethics, parental rights, and government policy. As the situation continues to evolve, we will keep you updated with the latest developments and perspectives from all sides of this critical issue. The bill as was presented to Governor Dewine is linked below.

(135th General Assembly)(Substitute House Bill Number 68)AN ACTTo enact sections 3109.054, 3129.01, 3129.02, 3129.03, 3129.04, 3129.05, 3129.06,3313.5319, and 3345.562 of the Revised Code to enact the Saving OhioAdolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act regarding gender transitionservices for minors, and to enact the Save Women’s Sports Act to require schools,state institutions of higher education, and private colleges to designate separatesingle-sex teams and sports for each sex.Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:SECTION 1. That sections 3109.054, 3129.01, 3129.02, 3129.03, 3129.04, 3129.05, 3129.06,3313.5319, and 3345.562 of the Revised Code be enacted to read as follows:Sec. 3109.054. When allocating parental rights and responsibilities or parenting time, nocourt shall deny or limit a parent’s parental rights and responsibilities or parenting time based on theparent’s decision to do any of the following:(A) Refer to and raise the child in a manner consistent with the child’s biological sex;(B) Decline to consent to the child receiving gender transition services as defined in section3129.01 of the Revised Code;(C) Decline to consent to the child receiving counseling or other mental health services forthe purpose of affirming the child’s perception of the child’s gender or sex, if the child’s perception isinconsistent with the child’s biological sex.Sec. 3129.01. As used in this chapter:(A) “Biological sex,” “birth sex,” and “sex” mean the biological indication of male andfemale, including sex chromosomes, naturally occurring sex hormones, gonads, and nonambiguousinternal and external genitalia present at birth, without regard to an individual’s psychological,chosen, or subjective experience of gender.(B) “Cross-sex hormone” means testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone given to a minorindividual in an amount greater than would normally be produced endogenously in a healthyindividual of the minor individual’s age and sex.(C) “Gender reassignment surgery” means any surgery performed for the purpose ofassisting an individual with gender transition that seeks to surgically alter or remove healthyphysical or anatomical characteristics or features that are typical for the individual’s biological sex,in order to instill or create physiological or anatomical characteristics that resemble a sex differentfrom the individual’s birth sex, including genital or non-genital gender reassignment surgery.(D) “Gender-related condition” means any condition where an individual feels an

Ohio House Bill 68

House Bill 68 reflects issues of gender transition services for minors and the participation of individuals in sports based on their biological sex.

The General Assembly expresses concerns about the risks associated with gender transition services for minors, including the lack of long-term studies and potential health risks. Here are the key points of the bill.

Parental Rights and Gender Transition Services for Minors:

The sections related to adolescents and gender transition services are named the Ohio SAFE Act.

Prohibits courts from denying or limiting a parent’s rights based on their decisions regarding their child’s gender identity and gender transition services.

Defines terms like “biological sex,” “cross-sex hormone,” “gender reassignment surgery,” and “gender transition services.”

Prohibitions for Medical Professionals:

Physicians are prohibited from performing gender reassignment surgery or prescribing puberty-blocking drugs or cross-sex hormones for minors for the purpose of gender transition.

Exceptions are made for ongoing treatments started before the act’s effective date if discontinuing them would cause harm.

Consent Requirements for Mental Health Professionals:

Mental health professionals must obtain consent from a parent, legal custodian, or guardian before diagnosing or treating a minor with a gender-related condition.

They must also screen for other co-morbidities and traumas.

Exemptions and Allowances:

The act does not prohibit treatments for individuals with disorders of sex development or those needing treatment for conditions caused or exacerbated by gender transition services.

Professional Discipline and Legal Action:

Violations by medical professionals are considered unprofessional conduct and are subject to disciplinary action.

The attorney general can enforce compliance, and private causes of action are allowed for affected individuals.

Medicaid and Insurance Coverage:

Gender transition services for minors are not covered under Medicaid.

Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Athletics:

The sections concerning sports are named the Save Women’s Sports Act.

Schools, colleges, and athletic organizations must designate single-sex teams and sports based on participants’ sex.

Male individuals are not allowed to participate in female-only teams and competitions.

Provisions for private causes of action and protections against retaliation are included for individuals reporting violations.

Illegal Immigrant Deported 5 Times Sentenced to 19 Years in Prison

Cincinnati, Ohio – A Hamilton County judge sentenced German Mathews to 19 to 24.5 years in prison for raping a woman with developmental disabilities on April 29th near a Forest Park bus stop. Mathews followed the woman on her way to the bus stop before grabbing her and throwing her over a guard rail and into a wooded area. Mathews then hit the woman multiple times in the face and then raped her. A witness called 911, and the assault was still going on when officers arrived at the scene. Mathews attempted to flee but was quickly detained and taken into custody. Mathews pleaded guilty to rape, felonious assault, and kidnapping charges and will be designated as a Tier 3 sex offender.

German Mathews (HamCo Jail)

Hamilton County Prosecutor Indicts Vape Store Manager for Shooting During Attempted Robbery

Hamilton County, Ohio – Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers announced the indictment of three individuals, Amontae Carter, Tony Thacker, and Malachi Thacker, for their roles in an attempted robbery that led to the death of 16-year-old Travis Johnson at VIP Smoke Shop in Delhi on October 20.

Tony Thacker. Malachi Thacker (Hamilton County Justice Center)

Amontae Carter, 19, faces charges of murder, burglary, and possession of criminal tools. Tony Thacker, 19, the store manager, is charged with felonious assault, tampering with evidence, and weapons charges due to a prior felony. Malachi Thacker, 21, has been indicted for tampering with evidence.

Amontae Carter (Hamilton County Justice Center)

During the robbery attempt, the accused, along with several teenagers, threw rocks through the store’s windows. Tony Thacker fired shots that fatally struck Johnson and continued firing as the suspects fled in stolen cars. Carter was shot while in one of the cars.

After the incident, the Thacker brothers allegedly tried to disable the store’s security and remove evidence. Three teenagers have also been arrested and charged with murder, pending transfer from the juvenile court.

Prosecutor Powers condemned the shooting but warned that retail thefts leading to such violence would not be tolerated.

Man Arrested and Charged with Multiple Offenses in Connection with Missing Teen Found in Hidden Trap Door

Lincoln County, Kentucky – Zackary Jones, 34, was arrested and charged with assault, strangulation, unlawful transaction with a minor, illegal sex act, unlawful transaction with a minor, illegal controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance (cocaine), and resisting arrest. The charges are in connection with a missing 16-year-old North Carolina teen girl who was found inside a hidden trap door at Jones’ home. The teen was reported missing earlier in December. Police stated the teen appeared to be “very high” when they located her under the trap door, which was hidden under a rug in Jones’ bedroom. The teen informed police that Jones had picked her up in North Carolina and brought her back to Kentucky. Jones admitted to doing drugs with the teen and having a sexual relationship with her. Charges are also pending against Jones in connection with the situation in North Carolina.

Zackary Jones (Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky)

Oxford Police Officer Placed on Leave After Video Shows Altercation with Miami University Student

Oxford, Ohio – The Oxford Police Department has placed Officer Matthew Blauvelt on leave following a video posted on TikTok showing him striking Miami University student Devin Johnson. The department promised a fair investigation into the incident, which happened at Brick Street Bar, where Johnson was also accused of assaulting the manager and resisting arrest. He faces charges including assault and underage intoxication. Brick Street and the Oxford NAACP have expressed concern over the incident and the spread of misinformation on social media, with the NAACP advocating for transparency and justice.

Surveillance Video Screenshot

Shooting In OTR On Christmas Eve Leaves One Dead

Cincinnati, Ohio – Shawntase Beavers, 34, was shot and killed in OTR on Christmas Eve night, according to Cincinnati police. Medical professionals made an effort to save Beavers’ life, but it was later determined that he passed away at the scene. No suspects have been identified, according to the police, and witnesses are being asked to contact the Homicide Unit at 513-352-3542.

Clermont Teen Sentenced To Life In Prison For 2022 Murder

Clermont County, Ohio – Judge Anthony Brock sentenced Christian Raidin Montgomery to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 66 years. A Clermont County jury found Montgomery guilty of 17 counts in connection with the shooting and murder of Rusty Larison and his son Ryan Larison in July 2022 during a robbery for a small amount of marijuana. During the sentencing hearing, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Lara Baron Allen noted the senseless nature of the murders and requested a sentence of life with the possibility of parole after 30 years for each aggravated murder. The prosecutor’s office noted that Montgomery should be incarcerated for as long as possible due to his complete disregard for human life and because he has continued to commit violent acts while incarcerated.

Christian Raidin Montgomery Clermont County Sheriff’s Office.

Two Shot While Breaking Into Car In Bond Hill

Cincinnati, Ohio – According to Cincinnati police, one juvenile and one other suspect were shot after they attempted to break in a homeowner’s car in Bond Hill on Sunday morning.  Officers were dispatched to 1900 block of Berkley Avenue around 2 in the morning.  The officers stated the homeowner felt threatened by the suspects’ actions and shot at them three or four times with his legally owned gun.  The juvenile was taken to UC Medical Center, while the other suspect fled the scene.  The extent of the injuries is unknown at this time, but the juvenile was conscious when he went to the hospital.  This is still under investigation.

Man Charged with Break-In and Attempted Sexual Battery of Minor

West Chester, Ohio – On Christmas Eve, Everson Batalone, who is 26 years old, broke into an unoccupied apartment on Princeton Square Circle in order to have sexual contact with a juvenile. The minor was unaware of what was going on. Batalone has been charged with breaking and entering as well as attempted sexual battery.

Everson Batalone (Butler Co Jail)

Online Predator Soliciting Minors Caught In Indiana

Indiana – Predator Catchers Incorporated is designed to expose online child predators.  Aaron “Alice” Clark, of Liberty Township, drove 70 miles to Winchester, Indiana, to Walmart last month to meet a minor she met online.  A member of PCI was posing as a teenage girl and confronted Clark.  According to court documents, Clark met the decoy on the dating app, “Her, and Clark began sending sexually explicit messages.  While being confronted, Clark admitted to being attracted to minors.  Winchester police showed up at Walmart and arrested Clark. Clark is in the Randolph County, Indiana, jail and charged with two felonies, including attempted child molesting and child solicitation.

Aaron Clark (Randolph Co Jail)

Man Steals Norwood City Truck

Norwood, Ohio – A man stole a Norwood Public Services vehicle in Cincinnati and went on a driving spree that lasted over two and a half hours.  Police followed and tracked the stolen city work truck across several neighborhoods.  Stop sticks were used but were unsuccessful.  The chase ended when the man stopped near 14th and Main in Over the Rhine.  The man was taken into police custody.

Cincinnati Man Arrested by SWAT Team for Assault Faces Federal Gun Charges

Cincinnati, Ohio – Keiylon Kennedy, 19, was arrested with the assistance of a SWAT team and charged with felonious assault, domestic violence, and strangulation in connection with violently attacking two female relatives after a history of arrests, being a suspect in previous shootings, and disobeying court orders. Kennedy is now under a federal detention order at Butler County Jail and is also charged federally with illegally possessing a firearm equipped with an illegal machine gun conversion device. A federal magistrate ordered Kennedy to only be released to a US Marshal for court appearances following a hearing held on December 19th.

Keiylon Kennedy (HamCo Jail)

Two Shot At Popular Pub In Price Hill

Cincinnati, Ohio – Two people were hospitalized after a shooting in Price Hill outside of Murray’s Wings Pub & Grill Thursday night. According to Cincinnati police, one victim was shot in the back and taken to Good Samaritan Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and another victim was transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center with unknown injuries. No further information was released on a suspect or what led to the shooting.

Roger McBeath Rejects Parole, Expresses Remorse for 2004 Murder of Ashley Lyons

Scott County, Kentucky – Roger McBeath, who was convicted in the death of Ashley Lyons in 2004, stated he does not want parole when he appeared for a parole hearing Wednesday. During the hearing, McBeath informed the parole board that he shot Lyons out of anger and that he was not interested in parole because he did not deserve it. McBeath stated that he did want to use the time to tell Lyons family that he was truly sorry for what he did and that there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t think about it.  .Lyons, who was 18 years old and five months pregnant at the time of her death, was found shot in her car in January 2004. The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled prosecutors used illegally obtained evidence and overturned the verdict against McBeath. However, McBeath later took a plea deal for a lesser charge and was sentenced to 42 years in prison. The full board will meet next Tuesday to consider McBeath’s request.

Roger McBeath (provided)

US Customs Seizes Counterfeit Jewelry Shipments in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio – Cincinnati customs officers seized eleven large counterfeit jewelry shipments addressed to residences in North Carolina and Maryland the first week of December. The Centers for Excellence and Expertise, the US Customs and Border Protection’s trade experts, determined the shipments to be counterfeit. Cincinnati Port Director Alrick Brooks stated that due to the influx of e-commerce, purchasing gifts online can be misleading through third-party sites and encouraged everyone to be vigilant and to report any suspicious illegal trade activity.

Cincinnati Anti-Violence Advocate’s Son Shot, Suspect Detained

Cincinnati, Ohio – Cincinnati Police detained Brandon Lundy, 38, and charged him with felonious assault in connection with the shooting of Pastor Jackie Jackson’s son. Jackson, a local anti-violence advocate, has spent much of his time at his son’s bedside at UC Medical Center as he recovers from intensive surgery after Lundy shot him twice in the stomach. Jackson has been a prominent voice in the Cincinnati area, speaking out regarding gun violence. He has dedicated time as a volunteer minister for the God Squad, the CPD’s former faith-based liaison. He also serves as project manager for Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization that advocates against gun violence and for gun control.

Community Mourns Loss of Local Athlete in Motorcycle Accident

Boone County, Kentucky – Stanley Crawley was involved in a motorcycle accident close to the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Oakbrook Drive on Christmas Eve, where he died at the scene.  His loved ones gathered to remember him in this tragic loss.  “He was a really, really sweet person that left way too soon,” April Massingale, Crawley’s mother, said.  “It’s hard.  He was supposed to be here.”  Crawley was wearing a helmet, and speed was determined to be a factor in the crash.  He just got the motorcycle a few weeks ago.  The family is speaking out to honor this young man, who had a bright future.  He excelled at football and wrestling at Conner High School.  A candlelight vigil was held at Conner High School on Tuesday night.  If you would like to contribute to the funeral costs, you can donate to Linnemann Funeral Homes 859-727-1250.

Stanley Crawley Photo by: April Massingale

Matt Lehman Will Run For Vacated House Seat

Newport, Kentucky – Democrat Matt Lehman of Newport has announced his candidacy for state representative of Kentucky’s 67th House District. The seat is being vacated by State Rep. Rachel Roberts who also serves as the minority whip. Lehman currently works in the biotechnology field and has worked in the healthcare industry.

FBI Investigates Multiple Bomb Threats in Cincinnati Area

Kenwood, Ohio – Several bomb threats occurring on Tuesday morning are under investigation.  Police were dispatched to Jewish Hospital with bomb dogs but found no threat.  Police were also called to Congregation Beth Adam in Symmes Township due to an administrator receiving a bomb threat via email.  Nothing was found at the synagogue.  A bomb threat was also calling into Mercy Anderson, but no threat was found.  The FBI is investigating after the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati was affected by the four bomb threats.

Falmouth City Council Serves Impeachment Papers to Mayor Sebastian Ernst

Falmouth, Kentucky – Impeachment papers have been served to Mayor Sebastian Ernst, accusing him of acting with misconduct and/or willful neglect in his duties in office.  The impeachment papers, served by Falmouth City Council, lay out three charges against Ernst.  The first charge accuses him of prohibiting a civic organization from using city property, “because he deemed that the group fails to meet his conservative Christian values.”  Ernst stated group was the county Republican Party and the previous administration had allowed the party to hold meetings in council chambers, which he disagreed with because the building is intended to be nonpartisan. The second charge accuses Ernst of using his personal Facebook page as his official account for office.  “I’m not just a mayor, I’m a citizen of the city too,” he said. “I have a right to speak on matters, whether they disagree with what I’m saying or not.”  The third charge accuses Ernst of attempting to extort council member Pettit into resignation.  “If I was going to extort someone, which I never would, I wouldn’t do it over text,” Ernst said.  A public hearing has been set for January 2 at noon to “allow the Mayor to defend himself against the charges,” according to Hazen. “I’m not going anywhere,” Ernst said.

Silly College Courses

Tristate – The 2024 spring semester will be here soon for college students who will be loading up on credits to fulfill their degree requirements.  One of the best parts of college is the chance to explore different fields of study and take classes that align with your personal interests.  Ten of the most unique classes around the greater Cincinnati area are:

BIO 1031: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse (University of Cincinnati)

CHM 436: Principles in Fermentation (Miami University)

FAM 2061: The Music of The Beatles (University of Cincinnati)

FAM 2050: Japanese Pop, Anime and Video Game Music (University of Cincinnati)

CMST 394: Sex and Communication (Northern Kentucky University)

BIO 244: Wine Tasting Class Viticulture (Miami University)

KNH 140M: Broomball (Miami University)

WGS3045: Women and Witchcraft (University of Cincinnati)

SOC2059: Barbie: Sociology of Culture (University of Cincinnati)

FST 360S: Star Wars: Force, Culture, and Science Fiction (Miami University).

‘Eggs ‘N Issues’ Scheduled For Next Month

Erlanger, Kentucky – On Tuesday, January 23, 2024 from 7:30 to 9 AM, the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce will host “Eggs ‘N Issues at Receptions Banquet and Conference Center- South 1379 Donaldson Rd, Erlanger, KY.  At this event, officials will discuss successes, challenges and opportunities for collaboration that exist in the Northern Kentucky metro region and how their work will impact local businesses.  Scheduled to speak at the event are Judge Executive Kris Knochelmann, Judge Executive Gary Moore and Judge Executive Steve Pendery. Registration is required, check out the link below to find out how.

Mason Band Will Perform in Rose Bowl Parade

Mason, Ohio – Mason High School band will perform in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day in California. They will also participate in Band Fest at Disneyland on Saturday, December 30. The selection process for participation in the parade consists of achievements, video submissions, and director interviews. 253 Mason Comets will march in the parade.

Deadlines Approaching for Kentucky’s May 2024 Primary Election

Kentucky – Deadlines are quickly approaching for Kentucky’s primary election, which will be held on May 21, 2024. The deadline to switch political parties is Sunday, December 31st. Registered voters can switch parties online at until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. Since Kentucky is a closed primary state, an individual’s vote can only be cast in the party with which the person is affiliated. The candidate filing deadline is January 5th. Candidates may file at their county clerk’s office for local races or through the Secretary of State’s office in Frankfort for all other races. The last deadline in connection with the primary election is April 22nd, the last day to register to vote and be eligible to participate during the primary election. Residents can register to vote online at or by going to their county clerk’s office.

Kentucky Governor Proposes $141 Million to Support Childcare Industry

Kentucky – Governor Andy Beshear asked the legislature to spend $141 million over the course of two years to stabilize the childcare industry.  However, advocates for children say that amount won’t be enough.  The budget proposal comes as pandemic-era federal assistance is ending, which leaves Kentucky’s childcare providers to face potential closures, wage cuts and tuition increases for childcare staff if Kentucky doesn’t subsidize the industry.  Beshear wants the funding to help reimbursement rates and open more childcare facilities.  He stated he wants to spend $172 million to begin funding universal preschool.  Advocates worry that it will not be sufficient financial support to childcare centers.  Beshear sees the proposed childcare dollars working in tandem with pre-K funds “to incentivize the way that universal pre-K and childcare need to work together.”

Governor Beshear Forms Task Force to Combat Antisemitism in Kentucky

Kentucky – Beshear announced the formation of a new task force that will conduct a review of the state of antisemitism in Kentucky amid increased threats across the country and state.  During his Team Kentucky Update, Beshear stated that the end of the year should be a time for togetherness and celebrations, but instead synagogues in Kentucky are faced with threats of violence.  In response to these threats, Beshear has established the Kentucky Antisemitism Task Force under the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, and it will consist of 18 members who are of differing faiths.  This task force will send a message that everyone is welcome in Kentucky. The order is posted below.

Over 40% of Kentucky Schools Lack Required School Resource Officers

Kentucky – It has been more than one year since the deadline put in place by the Kentucky legislature for schools to find school resource officers. House Bill 63 requires all Kentucky schools to have at least one SRO. However, more than 40% of Kentucky schools do not have a SRO. This equals more than 500 schools in the state without a resource officer. School districts in the state report difficulty finding anyone to be a resource officer and suffer from a lack of funding. Many in the school districts believe lawmakers should help fund SROs through new legislation.

Kentucky Small Businesses Face New Reporting Requirement for Beneficial Ownership Information

Frankfort, Kentucky – Secretary of State Michael Adams issued an alert Thursday to Kentucky’s small businesses regarding a new reporting requirement from the US Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), which will go into effect on January 1, 2024. The new requirement is the disclosure of so-called beneficial ownership information (BOI). This requires small business owners and certain individuals to upload their photo IDs to FinCEN. Any business entity that is formed after January 1, 2024, will have 90 days to report their initial BOI. Any business entity already in existence will have until January 1, 2025, to comply with the new requirement. Failure to comply with the BOI reporting could result in two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Certain publicly traded companies and nonprofits are exempt from the reporting requirement.

Jill Biden In Fort Campbell

Louisville, Kentucky – Jill Biden met with families at Fort Campbell on Saturday. Biden attended a holiday celebration which honored US military families and those who were affected by the recent tornados in the area.

Ex-Cincinnati Officer’s Plea for Early Probation Release Rejected Again

Cincinnati, Ohio – US District Court Judge Douglas Cole rejected an early probation termination request from ex Cincinnati Police Department officer Diondre Winstead for the second time this year on December 21st. Winstead was convicted of tax crimes after admitting to underreporting nearly $50,000 in cash on his federal income tax returns that he was paid working off-duty details as a police officer in 2015-2017. As part of his plea deal, Winstead agreed to a two-year probation, among other sanctions.

Diondre Winstead (file)

Ohio Governor Signs Bill Expanding Natural Gas Charges for Pipeline Projects

Columbus, Ohio – Governor Mike DeWine signed legislation on House Bill 201 on Thursday. The bill will allow natural gas companies to charge Ohio customers tens of millions of dollars more per year to build pipelines to potential mega-project sites. Roughly 36 hours before HB201 passed both the House and Senate, language was added by lawmakers to allow gas companies to charge Ohio’s 3.7 million gas customers up to $1.50 per month for as long as five years to extend gas lines to sites that could potentially be used for mega-projects, even if no buyer has been lined up yet. Only sites or projects supported by JobsOhio, its regional affiliates, or the Ohio Department of Development would be eligible for the fee. Gas companies have already been allowed under Ohio law to impose a monthly charge for “prudently incurred” costs.

Ohio Sports Betting Generates $700 Million in Taxable Revenue in First Year

Ohio – Sunday will mark one year of legal sports betting in Ohio. According to data from Play Ohio, sports betting has generated close to $700 million in taxable revenue so far in 2023, and more than five billion total bets have been placed. Cincinnati’s Hard Rock Casino brought in $25 million in its first year of betting and generated more than $400,000 in taxes. The majority of the money generated in taxes will go to the General Revenue Fund for Ohio schools, and 2% will be used in efforts to curb gambling addiction.

Carew Tower Receives $10 Million for Historic Preservation and Apartment Conversion

Cincinnati, Ohio – Carew Tower received $10 million from the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit program’s latest funding round. The funding was announced on December 21st and will go towards converting the historic site into 385 apartments with amenity spaces on floors 45 and 46. The building’s deteriorated steel windows are set to be replaced and the stone and terra cotta façade will be prepared. Approximately 50,000 bricks need to be replaced as well.

Longtime Warren-Clinton County Joint Fire Chief Robert Wysong Passes Away on Christmas Eve

Clarksville, Ohio – Longtime Warren-Clinton County Joint Fire Chief Robert Wysong died following a medical emergency on Christmas Eve. The fire department stated that Wysong’s family is asking for privacy as they deal with the sudden loss. Wysong’s visitation will be held on January 4th at 2 p.m. at Bible Baptist Church in Wilmington, and his funeral will be held on January 5th at 10 a.m. at the church.

Robert Wysong

Indiana BMV Set to Earn $26 Million from Sale of Personal Information

Indiana – The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is expected to earn almost $26 million from selling people’s personal information such as their name, age, and address. Legislation has been introduced in the last two years to give people the option to refuse the BMV from selling their personal information, but no hearing has been set in the state Senate.