Eric Deters Pop Culture | Chic Sheets, Dino Theories & Ultramarathon Uber Rides

Eric Deters Pop Culture | Chic Sheets, Dino Theories & Ultramarathon Uber Rides

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Welcome back to “Pop Culture” where we take the absurdity of fame and fortune and sprinkle it with a generous helping of sarcasm.

Diddy has settled a lawsuit with Cassie, proving that money can indeed buy silence, or at least a really good non-disclosure agreement.

Eric Clapton’s guitar fetched a cool 1.27 million dollars, proving that some people have more dollars than sense.

Prince William got hit with the ‘How much do you have in your bank account?’ question by a school kid. And his answer was actually honest.

Miss Universe has crowned Miss Nicaragua, while Miss Pakistan took a minimalist approach to swimwear, rocking a sheet. Okay it wasn’t a sheet, but it looks like it.

An ultramarathoner was banned for catching a ride during the race. Apparently, ‘running’ is still an important part of a ‘footrace.’ Who knew?

Taylor Swift’s music is persona non grata on Philly radio when the Chiefs face the Eagles. Nothing says “sportsmanship” like a musical cold shoulder.

Kanye and Bianca are no more, because in the world of celebrity dating, ‘forever’ is just a placeholder for ‘until next week.’

And scientists speculate dinosaurs might exist on other planets. When Earth’s history gets boring, why not throw in some intergalactic lizards for good measure?

Tune in to “Pop Culture” where we take a look at today’s headlines and ask the eternal question: But why, though?

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