Italy 1st To Ban Lab Meat | Eric Deters Show

Italy 1st To Ban Lab Meat | Eric Deters Show

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Thank you for watching Italy 1st To Ban Lab Meat | Eric Deters Show | November 20, 2023 on Trump Up 50%, Arabs Do Not Want Palestinians, Italy Bans Lab Meat, January 6 Committee Fraud, Bill Gates Farmland, Biden/Xi/Pandas, Iran/“Axis”, Rosalyn Carter- RIP, Javier Milei/Argentina, DeSanctimonious/Birdbrain, Michael Steele/RNC Phony, Rand Paul The Moderate, Trump Serves Food at Border, Abbott Endorses Trump, Why 700 Years And Not Death, Pig Farmer Serial Killer, Stocks/Commercial Real Estate, Muslim Staffers, Trump/“Threat BS”, Kaitlyn Armstrong, Cruise Condo, Maher/Brazile/Vivek, 71-Year-Old/Florida Bank Heist, United Health/AI Denials, Moms For Liberty, Putin Girlfriend House Arrest, Maryanne Barry Funeral, Casey McWhorter Last Meal, New Hampshire Hospital Shooting, Walmart Toddler Purse Firing, Mike Lindell/Georgia Ruling, MAGA/Israel, Balance of Nature, & Putin Threat.

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