Pop Culture | Charlie Sheen’s Neighbor Tried To Strangle Him In His Home

Pop Culture | Charlie Sheen’s Neighbor Tried To Strangle Him In His Home

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Buckle up for a ride through the absurd and amusing world of fame and (mis)fortune!

First on our list, a 6-year-old flying solo on Spirit Airlines accidentally ends up on the wrong flight. Talk about a surprise adventure! It’s like ‘Home Alone,’ but at 30,000 feet.

Neal McDonough is boldly championing Christianity in Hollywood and revolutionizing faith-based films. Who needs superheroes when you have holy-wood?

The Rolling Stones are back with a new music video, “Angry,” starring none other than Sydney Sweeney. It’s rock ‘n’ roll meets Gen Z angst, served with a side of iconic moves.

In a twist that no one saw coming, Kevin Spacey’s ‘House of Cards’ character teases a presidential run in an interview with Tucker Carlson. Fictional politics is clearly the next best thing to real politics.

‘The Voice’ fans are inconsolable over Niall Horan’s departure. It’s like their favorite boy band broke up all over again. Cue the dramatic sobbing and heartfelt Twitter tributes.

And in a bizarre turn of events, Charlie Sheen’s neighbor was arrested for allegedly trying to choke the actor in his L.A. home. As Charlie once said, “It ain’t a party ’til something gets broken”.

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