SWB | NFL Referee Ridiculousness Is Out Of Control

SWB | NFL Referee Ridiculousness Is Out Of Control

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Welcome back to “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we tackle the week’s sports headlines with a hefty dose of humor and a dash of disdain.

First off, let’s pour one out for the Bengals who got absolutely steamrolled by the Steelers in a crushing 11-34 defeat. It’s like watching a nature documentary where the lion catches the gazelle, except the gazelle is wearing a football helmet.

We’ll also do a merry little recap of the Christmas weekend NFL games. Nothing says ‘holiday spirit’ like grown men trying to kill each other with helmets on.

Speaking of NFL, let’s talk about those referees and their penalties. Are they officiating a game or trying to set a world record for most flags thrown? It’s more yellow on the field than in a field of sunflowers!

Joe Rogan is calling out elite fighters to break free from the UFC and take control of their careers. It’s like a motivational speech, but with more headlocks and uppercuts.

In college football news, FSU QB Tate Rodemaker is hopping into the transfer portal and skipping the bowl game against Georgia. Meanwhile, Caleb Williams has declared he doesn’t want to be drafted by the Chicago Bears. Apparently, you can be picky when you think you’re that good.

Danica Patrick is catching some heat for attending a Turning Point USA event. Who knew your choice of event could rev up more drama than a racecar engine?

And in the cutest news of the week, Miami Dolphins punter Jake Bailey got engaged, and his fiancée’s first name is Bailey. She’s about to become Bailey Bailey. It’s not a typo, it’s true love.

SWB. It’s like your favorite sports show, but with more laughs and less seriousness. Let’s dive into the madness!

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