Pop Culture | Kayne West Now Has Titanium Teeth Like The Bond Villain ‘Jaws’

Pop Culture | Kayne West Now Has Titanium Teeth Like The Bond Villain ‘Jaws’

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First up, Kanye West, never one to do things by halves, has had his teeth REMOVED and replaced with $850K titanium dentures. Because when you’ve already conquered the music and fashion worlds, the next logical step is clearly dental innovation. I mean, why get a diamond grill when you can turn your entire mouth into Fort Knox?

Then, over at Buckingham Palace, there’s some royal concern as King Charles has been hospitalized, following closely on the heels of Kate Middleton’s hospitalization. It’s like the palace is turning into a game of royal musical chairs, but with hospital beds. We’re sending well wishes and hoping the royal family stockpiles some good health soon.

In a plot twist that sounds straight out of a gangster movie, ‘Modern Family’ star Ed O’Neill reveals he once turned down an offer to work for the mob. His reason? A fear of ending up in jail. It’s nice to see someone in Hollywood with a sense of self-preservation. Plus, who knew Al Bundy had such an exciting off-screen life?

And in a scene that feels more ‘Kindergarten Cop’ than ‘Terminator’, Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained in Munich over an ‘unregistered’ watch and had to trek to an ATM after his credit card was declined. Imagine the Terminator, standing at an ATM, fumbling for cash. “I’ll be back… with the correct change.”

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